Owen Hoffner

From M.A. to L.A.

In just a few years, alum enters world of shoe design with big brands, big business, and big-time celebrities Have you ever anticipated the release of a sought-after product? Or possibly even waited with bated breath for a shoe release? This situation is common in the sneaker world. Constant releases …

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Holiday Baking

Local bakers share holiday insights You’re rushing in from the chilly weather outdoors and you catch a waft of sweet-smelling goodness coming from the kitchen. Follow the aroma and find yourself staring down a table filled with decadent desserts and goodies. You can make this fantasy a reality by taking …

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Twin Cities scooter craze

E-Scooters: They’re simple, but are they safe? In the past two years the Twin Cities has been dramatically impacted by the electric scooter craze. You probably have seen these shifty little vehicles zipping down the parkway, or even in your own neighborhood. These scooters may provide an enticing rush of …

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