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The Crisis in Hong Kong

The Crisis in Hong Kong Hong Kong protesters fight for freedom against an oppressive totalitarian Chinese government This summer saw the largest protest in Hong Kong history, a city that has seen hundreds of protests. On June 16th, more than 2 million Hong Kong citizens or supporters of the Hong …

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The New Building

M.A. leaders prepare for return to a changed home The next time you pick up a Talon, you might be at the genius bar overlooking River Road, or in the fireside lounge, on the rooftop deck or in the college-style cafeteria. Next year the rebuilt North Campus will be filled …

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Snow on our parade?

Snowy winter may not cause feared setbacks If you live in Minnesota and play a spring sport, you’re probably accustomed to practicing inside for the first few weeks of your season. And this year looked like it was going to be a whole lot worse. In 2019, the Twin Cities …

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The big test(s)

Everyone has to take them, but which one will suit you? The big tests. Everyone in high school knows what they are. They’re the tests that can make or break your decision on where to go to college. But, depending on your skill set, you may want to review them …

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Alum turned coach

Alum turned coach Matt Pryor returns to Minnehaha Academy to take over as head coach of the girls’ varsity basketball team The Minnehaha Academy girls’ basketball team has been dominant ever since ex-head coach Josh Thurow took over. But now that Thurow is stepping down, who is going to take …

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