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Meena Morar

[email protected] Meena is the online editor and junior staff writer whose interests are in english and history studies. Meena enjoys to delve into intelligent conversations with a deeper understanding as the goal. She is also the captain of the Debate team.

The language of equality

A recent survey conducted by The Talon asked freshmen, sophomore and junior boys and girls what they thought about what feminism meant to them and about gender-related inequality issues seen today. The results show that as a whole, the school agrees that equality is key for men and women, but …

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Caffeine versus teens

Stimulants have become prominent in teens with side effects becoming more well known “One time at work, I had about four or five cups of coffee,” junior Marin Fredrickson remembered. “By the end of work, I wasn’t feeling good and my stomach was cramping up. I was standing at the …

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An Examination of Sins and Virtues: Prudence

“There is nothing more imprudent than excessive prudence,” said Charles Caleb Colton, a well-known English writer and collector during the 1800’s. This quote explains the mismatch of opinions of what prudence truly means. Another way to interpret Colton’s quote is, “There is nothing more careless than excessive wisdom or confidence.” …

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Immersed in a diverse world

Just by taking a look around you there are a kaleidoscope of cultures. How can knowing your background help you to understand others? French amity Omaima Feriani has a fondness for weddings, and the traditions that come with them. Maybe it’s her youth that makes her enjoy the celebration, or …

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Helping or hovering?

Sophomore Devin Jellish sits down at her desk to start her math homework. She starts the first problem when she hears her mom yell from upstairs asking if she’s started her work yet. Devin sighs and replies with a yes and starts again on her work. Fifteen minutes later her …

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Loving people through law

There’s more to working in the law field than people would think; take a look inside the job The sound of the door creaking open alerts the anxious people in the audience that the trial is going to begin. The prosecutor steps through a metal bar, reminding himself that he …

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Orthodox Christmas

Does the Orthodox Church celebrate Christmas the same way as you do? The priest chants loudly as he rings the bells. The smell of burning frankincense and myrrh fills the church. The faces of the congregation are illuminated only by a faint golden candle glow. The people slowly join in …

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