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Meena Morar

[email protected] Meena is the online editor and junior staff writer whose interests are in english and history studies. Meena enjoys to delve into intelligent conversations with a deeper understanding as the goal. She is also the captain of the Debate team.

Christmas contest: Grunge Rudolph

Sophomores Lucas DiBlasi, JD Schwab, Zack Schuster and Noah Bauer performed a grunge version of the traditional christmas song “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” at the Christmas variety show. Multiple teachers and seniors featured as the “hype guys” or backup on the song. Check it out below. This video is …

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Lockdown procedure practice enforced

Today, after a comedic assembly from MA’s two Slovak students, Matus Kocalka and Adam Hano, principal Jason Wenschlag went over the basic requirements for MA’s lockdown drill. Two basic categories were listed: code red and code yellow. An alarm and voice would speak through the intercom, alerting students of the …

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From printing paper to printing organs

New technology brings new creations, big and small Twenty-month-old Kaiba Gionfriddo was born with tracheobronchomalacia, a rare disease which led to the weakening and deterioration of the his windpipe. Only one in 2,200 children have this disease. Gionfriddo’s tracheostomy and ventilator proved ineffective, and his health began to decline. Doctors …

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For the love of aviation

Eddie DiBlasi creates model planes, attends flight school and strives for his pilot’s license “Fly the plane,” he thinks to himself, “ just fly the plane. If anything goes wrong or I get lost, just remember to fly the plane.” The plug door shuts tightly, sealing the pilot in his …

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Swim team advances to section finals

The Minnehaha-Holy Angels co-op swim team participated in section preliminaries yesterday at St. Kates. The three relay team participants all advanced to the section final, being held tomorrow. Swimmers on the relay teams were the varsity team, which included junior Olivia Lutter, sophomores Winnie Commers, Caelin Hoben, Grace Percich and …

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Debate team carves pumpkins

The debate team had a pumpkin carving contest outside in the parking lot after school today. Junior, Slovak student Adam Hano had never carved a pumpkin before, so the team got together in the spooky spirit to fully show him the American tradition. Principal Jason Wenschlag and various other teachers …

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MOSAIC: Games Around the World

MOSAIC, a group dedicated to exploring racial identity at Minnehaha’s South Campus, held an event this past May 8th called “Games Around the World.” Kids ranging from grades preschool to eighth grade came together to celebrate diversity – the key focus on which MOSIAC stand on. “[MOSAIC] is a multicultural …

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