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CFE 2013: Where in the world?

Each year, Cultural Field Experience week (CFE) comes and goes with a great diversity of experiences and lessons learned. Whether the site is a 15 minute drive or an 18 hour plane ride away, each experience is individualized and every student takes away a different lesson based on what stood …

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Talon wins All-American rank

“I was surprised because…I thought that small schools just didn’t win that level of honor,” said Journalism teacher Reid Westrem. All the hard work of researching and reporting, writing stories, designing pages, and getting the Talon to the press has paid off in the form of an All-American ranking from …

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Transfer or stay put?

Some alums discover that their college choice wasn’t their final destination Advice offered for those wondering, ‘Should I stay, or should I go?’ “It took a little bit, but after a month and a half or so I could tell that nobody stuck around on the weekends and also that …

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High school pranks

Pranks: where to draw the line Congratulations, you made the varsity team! Now you and your parents have to clean up the mess of toilet paper hanging from the trees and all around your house. “Usually getting TP’ed is annoying and inconvenient, but getting TP’ed for making varsity is a …

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Exploring Lake Street

Take a stroll down Lake Street Meara Cummings, Talon staff writer Even though it’s right around the corner, for most Minnehaha students their knowledge of Lake Street stops around 44th Ave. We all know about the Dairy Queen and the Super America from our after school snack runs, but not …

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