Luke Frazier

ISS launch delayed

International Space Station launch delayed The launch for Minnehaha’s International Space Station project, initially planned for early May, has been delayed until at least July 10 because of some errors with the last rocket launch, causing some problems for the class. “It’s frustrating, especially for the seniors,” said senior Poppy Anema …

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Teens and global awareness

Taking time to catch up: why it’s important for teens to stay informed about global events Refugees flee Syria. Aid pours into the Philippines. Nuclear talks between the US and Iran are stalling. These are a few of the many current events happening in the world right now, and many …

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Girls’ hockey returns more experienced

Co-op adds numbers Senior captain Rachel McNamara returns to lead a girls’ hockey team that is looking to improve with a new addition to previous years’ co-op. “We’ve got a lot of talent this year from Providence,” said McNamara. “Things are looking better for us.” The co-op team, Minnehaha United, …

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