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Brief: New hockey coach

The Minnehaha hockey team co-op has a new head coach for the 2017-18 season.  The Redhawks finished 17-10 last season tying the school record for season wins all under former coach Pat Griswold who led the team to their first ever open division Schwan’s Cup tournament championship. Griswold decided to …

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Between the stars, a review of Interstellar

Interstellar is defined as “occurring or situated between stars,” and it is a fitting title for a movie that wholly deals with the concepts of space travel as well as black holes. The thrilling action and tear-jerking drama combines the vast curiosity of humans to travel the depths of the …

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Presidential poll: None of the above?

Support for candidates mixed at best Minnehaha students expressed a slight preference for the Democratic party and its presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, in a September poll, but it’s also evident that they lack confidence in both Clinton and her rival, Republican nominee Donald Trump. Results were published Thurs., Sept. 29, …

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Athletics: Harmful or Helpful?

Participation in sports shown to be helpful in the classroom The old stereotype that “athletes are dumb” may not be so relevant anymore. Recently the NCAA conducted a study to compare the graduation rates of college athletes versus students that don’t participate in sports. The results found that between 2006 …

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