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Emma Melling

Emma is a senior staff writer who is interested in English and literature, and is also passionate about French language and culture. She enjoys writing features on arts and human interest topics and loves listening to people's stories. Her hobbies include reading, hiking and spending time with family.

A walk for unity

“This sea of red warms my heart,” Minnehaha Academy President Dr. Donna Harris said as she stood atop a fire truck, surrounded by students, staff, and other community members. On Tuesday August 15, 2017, more than 1,000 members of the Minnehaha community gathered at the Minnehaha Academy Upper School, the …

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A helper in every way

Minnehaha remembers John Carlson As the Minnehaha community mourns the loss of John Carlson, it celebrates his life and his lifelong relationship with the school. Listen to an interview conducted by Talon staff writer Emma Melling from March 24, 2016, as she was working on a story published in April …

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M.A. ‘lifer’ steps away for motherhood

Physical Education teacher plans to stay at home with her child for the next few years A cluster of young girls giggle as they slip beneath the gym bleachers. Their father stands in the middle of the gym, discussing strategy with a group of volleyball players. The girls, Julie, Amanda, …

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Brief: Moving on and moving in

Minnehaha prepares for changes to its English department as teachers change positions Minnehaha’s English department will be seeing some changes in the fall of 2017, as old teachers move on and new teachers move in. This spring, both Katherine Myers and Robyn Westrem announced their change in positions, as Myers …

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Pushing boundaries

Minnehaha spring play brings Shakespeare to life through “living paintings” Minnehaha’s theater program has never attempted a show concept similar to this year’s. “We want to try to push the boundaries of what we have done, and we have never done anything like this before,” said art teacher Nathan Stromberg. …

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Disney live action

Disney brings classic animated movies to life with well known actors It’s a scene that many may remember from their childhood: A young girl in a blue dress hurrying through a sea of ball gowns of every color. She runs through the crowd and bolts out of the castle’s doors, …

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App Reviews – Pinterest

The name says it all. “Pinterest” is an app and website where individuals can scroll through thousands of images and “pin” (save) the ones they are interested in. Pins cover a wide range of topics: home decor, recipes, fashion trends, shoes, television shows, books, movies, memes and quotes. With thousands …

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Lights, camera, action!

On Saturday Jan. 28, students, family and faculty gathered together to observe the hard work and talent of Minnehaha actors, directors and writers. This year, the Student Showcase program, which is an opportunity for students from any grade to write, direct or act in a skit or film, was made …

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Individuals seek art

Depending on their emotions and mood, individuals may listen to certain music or gravitate towards characters based on what they are “seeking” “I think I seek the passion in art,” said freshman Grace Anderson. “I think no matter what it is, but especially in musical theater and songs and in …

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