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Changes to CFE for ’18-’19

Explosion alters CFE program Interim CFE director Jessa Anderson plans for CFE in 2018-2019 school year After the explosion on August 2, many things were forced to change and adapt to a new school year, including the Cultural Field Experience (CFE) program. The decision was made that the school year …

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Students adjust to change

Upperclassmen reflect on an unexpected school year After spending the majority of their high school time at North Campus, juniors and seniors are now forced to graduate from a temporary campus in Mendota Heights. Students reacted in different ways. Some were able to deal with the change easier than others. …

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The college decision

Understanding the importance of the college process; how to thrive The college decision is one of the most important decisions people have throughout their whole life. College is another four or more years of a person’s life figuring out more about themselves. During high school standardized tests like ACT and …

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A critical decision

How the Minnehaha Academy administration chose Mendota Heights After the devastating blast on August 2, the school board and staff had a tough decision to make: which temporary school location to choose. Vice Principal Mike DiNardo visited all of the possible temporary locations over a week span of time. It …

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New M.A. group gets in deep water

Competitive bass fishing draws young, talented group A new club has been added to the list of Minnehaha sports: bass fishing. A group of six, eighth-and ninth-grade boys from Minnehaha have just created the school’s first bass fishing team coached by Minnehaha elementary school teacher Jeff Bosshardt. “There are seven …

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A chilly pastime

Students and faculty share a passion for ice fishing “They just kept coming and coming,” said freshman Cole McKinney, referring to the sunfish he was reeling in one morning up in northern Minnesota. “All of a sudden my rod began to bend and it looked like it was going to …

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