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Minnehaha’s AP Policy

As AP testing season approaches full swing, students are gearing up for the big test. But why does Minnehaha require all AP students to participate? Vice principal and academic dean Mike DiNardo clarifies Minnehaha’s AP policy. Why does Minnahaha have an open AP enrollment policy? “There’s a lot of research that shows …

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Valentine’s Day: Ask the pros

Seniors and relationship experts Aaron Williams and Nate Angulo answer the tough relationship questions Robert, sophomore: Hey guys, I asked this girl out the other day, and she said yes! I was planning on taking her to a movie. What movie do you recommend? Aaron: Perfect. For your date night, …

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So how did you meet?

Minnehaha faculty reminisce about how their relationships began Katherine Myers (English): “We were really good friends. We did everything together. Then my best friend Sue told me one day: ‘I think you really like him.’ That night on the phone, I said, ‘Sue says we like each other. What do …

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Friday the 13th

Superstition surrounding Friday the 13th may not be justified Friggatriskaidekaphobia. This jumble of letters may sound like gibberish, but in fact it describes the fear of Friday the 13th. The human mind can certainly convince itself of improbable things, but does this phobia have some form of justification? Aside from …

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Students win awards at state convention

Minnehaha journalism students are awarded for their achievements at the state journalism convention Minnehaha journalism students on the Talon staff, the Antler staff and in the beginning journalism class attended the Minnesota State Journalism Convention at the University of Minnesota on Oct. 9 along with 500 other students from schools …

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