New Slovak journalism site

Heyou! Yes, you. Check out a new site by student journalists in Slovakia… Heyou is a new site created by Alenka Výbohová (pictured) and her colleagues in Bratislava. Výbohová is the editor-in-chief (šéfredaktorka), and Andrej Hano is an editor (redaktor). Výbohová and Hano spent the fall semester of 2011 as exchange students at …

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Vegetarian options

Some students would like to see more vegetarian lunch options at school Communicating these hopes may be the key to bringing about a change By Alenka Vybohova Talon staff writer Hungry people in the hallways, almost no options for lunch, an endless routine with salad bar and then, after awhile, …

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Superheroes on film

Superheroes invade the summer screen By Aaron Evans Talon staff writer This summer holds the release of four movies that are all based on comic book superheroes: Thor, X-Men: First Class, Green Lantern, and Captain America: The First Avenger. The characters that are featured in these films have been around …

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