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App Reviews – Pinterest

The name says it all.

“Pinterest” is an app and website where individuals can scroll through thousands of images and “pin” (save) the ones they are interested in.

Pins cover a wide range of topics: home decor, recipes, fashion trends, shoes, television shows, books, movies, memes and quotes.

With thousands of different images, you might think that simply the idea behind Pinterest is overwhelming.

However, the app, available for Apple and Android products, allows users to see only a select number of pins at a time in a very clean and visually appealing manner.

Once an image is pinned, an individual may go to their home page and view all of the “boards,” or categories of pins, that they have created.

With a simple, easy to navigate app, Pinterest creates a space for artists, travelers, writers, athletes, cooks and so many more to save and share their ideas and many interests.


About Emma Melling

Emma is a senior staff writer who is interested in English and literature, and is also passionate about French language and culture. She enjoys writing features on arts and human interest topics and loves listening to people’s stories. Her hobbies include reading, hiking and spending time with family.

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