The MIA illustrates a new perspective on sports

Minnesota is a wonderful state for sports fans to pledge their allegiance to. Through ups and downs, the Minnesotan roots run deep, resisting fair-weather tendencies. The Minneapolis Institute of Arts is giving visitors an opportunity to see our favorite past times in a new light. Portraying media primarily in the form of video clips and photographs, The Sports Show: Minnesota, a free exhibit, will take place from Feb. 16 to Sept. 2.
The MIA commissioned Katherine Turczan to take photographs ofMinnesota’s professional sports, contrasting players with other players, their former selves or their coaches. This show is also great insight into a spectrum of sports including some from the 19th century, current, and obscure, such as roller derby.
One iconic photo featured around twenty people on a lake ice fishing. The image strikes those with Minnesota roots as it presents a relatable setting for many.
If you have a day this summer you can bring a friend, special friend or your mom. It is a place for everyone.


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