Service interns create opportunities for involvement

In November, advisory groups can take part in the annual Thanksgiving food drive where they can bring in canned food, which will be given to those who need it in the community. The advisory group with the most canned food will get a free lunch.

Later in December, students can take part in the “Candy Gram Program” where they can purchase candy in the campus room. All proceeds will go to those in need.

In February, students can also participate in the same Candy Gram Program for Valentines Day. You can give your friends or that special someone some candy to show your appreciation and love and benefit the community.

“We [service interns] are open to any ideas that students may have related to service opportunities this year,” said senior Meera Goswitz, one of the service interns. “We really want to get a majority of the school involved in projects throughout the year. As service interns, we want to improve the community and do what we can to make the community a better place.” Students can talk to the service interns’ adviser, Amy Swanson, if there are questions. News about upcoming events will be posted on the bulletin board in the campus room.

-Kersten Chelgren

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